Ethereum: Sign Typed Data

Asks device to sign an EIP-712 typed data message using the private key derived by given BIP32 path.

User is asked to confirm all signing details on T2T1.

const result = await TrezorConnect.ethereumSignTypedData(params);

:warning: Supported only by T2T1 with Firmware 2.4.3 or higher! :warning: Blind signing is supported only on T1B1 with Firmware 1.10.5 or higher!


Optional common params

EthereumSignTypedData type

:warning: Domain-only signing (data.primaryType = "EIP712Domain") is supported only on T2T1 with Firmware 2.4.4 or higher!

Blind signing (optional addition for T1B1 compatibility)

T1B1 firmware currently does not support constructing EIP-712 hashes.

However, it supports signing pre-constructed hashes.

EIP-712 hashes can be constructed with the plugin function at @trezor/connetct-plugin-ethereum.

You may also wish to contruct your own hashes using a different library.

EthereumSignTypedHash type

:warning: Domain-only signing (empty message_hash) is supported only on T1B1 with Firmware 1.10.6 or higher!

  • domain_separator_hash - required string hex-encoded 32-byte hash of the EIP-712 domain.
  • message_hash - optional string hex-encoded 32-byte hash of the EIP-712 message. This is optional for the domain-only hashes where primaryType is EIP712Domain.


const eip712Data = {
    types: {
        EIP712Domain: [
                name: 'name',
                type: 'string',
        Message: [
                name: 'Best Wallet',
                type: 'string',
                name: 'Number',
                type: 'uint64',
    primaryType: 'Message',
    domain: {
        name: '',
    message: {
        'Best Wallet': 'Trezor Model T',
        // be careful with JavaScript numbers: MAX_SAFE_INTEGER is quite low
        Number: `${2n ** 55n}`,

// This functionality is separate from @trezor/connect, as it requires @metamask/eth-sig-utils,
// which is a large JavaScript dependency
const transformTypedDataPlugin = require('@trezor/connect-plugin-ethereum');
const { domain_separator_hash, message_hash } = transformTypedDataPlugin(eip712Data, true);

    path: "m/44'/60'/0'",
    data: eip712Data,
    metamask_v4_compat: true,
    // These are optional, but required for T1B1 compatibility


EthereumMessageSignature type

    success: true,
    payload: {
        address: string,
        signature: string, // hexadecimal string with "0x" prefix


    success: false,
    payload: {
        error: string // error message