Publishing @trezor package to npm registry

yarn npm publish should be done only on gitlab CI in deploy npm phase.


@trezor packages are dependencies of @trezor/connect public API. Publish is required to distribute changes to @trezor/connect and make them available for 3rd party implementations.


  1. Update and list all changes since the last release of the package.
  2. Bump the version in packages/<PACKAGE-NAME>/package.json. Use the semver convention.


  1. Create new branch with npm-release/ prefix.
  2. Commit your changes as release: @trezor/<PACKAGE-NAME> X.X.X.
  3. Use <PACKAGE-NAME> deploy npm job.


If you want to publish to npm as beta (from any branch) do the following:

  1. Change the version in packages/<PACKAGE-NAME>/package.json from X.X.X to X.X.(X + 1)-beta.1. The -beta.<n> suffix is important because NPM registry doesn't allow overriding already published versions. With this suffix we can publish multiple beta versions for a single patch.
  2. Commit your changes as release: @trezor/<PACKAGE-NAME> X.X.X-beta.X.
  3. Use beta <PACKAGE-NAME> deploy npm job.