We have introduced a feature to significantly help us debugging Connect issues. You can substitute the Connect version easily with the ?trezor-connect-src parameter.

You can simply visit and Connect will be replaced by your own build.

This is extremely helpful along with the Connect's build and deploy features in its CI. You can create a new branch in Connect, push it, CI will build it, and if you run the manual deploy job it will also deploy it to[BRANCH_NAME]. And then you can use[BRANCH_NAME] and you are testing the production build with your Connect build.

And of course the Suite build does not have to be the production one. You can use this feature anywhere.

Is it safe to have this enabled in production?

Only whitelisted domains are allowed so you can't replace the Connect URL with any random one. The list of whitelisted domains is:

  • (production)
  • trezoriovpjcahpzkrewelclulmszwbqpzmzgub37gbcjlvluxtruqad.onion (Tor production)
  • (development)
  • localhost

Also Bridge will not talk to any other endpoints than the above mentioned due to its CORS policy.