Coin Protocol Handler

Trezor Suite, both on web and desktop, can handle opening of coin URLs in coin:address and coin:address?amount= formats. Currently all bitcoin-like coins schemes are supported (Applies for bitcoin-like coins supported by Trezor Suite). bitcoin: is supported in both web and desktop app environment. Other coins, such as litecoin:, dogecoin: are supported only in desktop app. MDN docs


Behavior on web

When opening Suite on web, in Firefox it will prompt the user to associate the opening of bitcoin: URLs with Suite. On Chrome, you have to click on small icon in address bar and allow bitcoin: URLs. By accepting, all bitcoin: URLs in the browser will open Suite.

Chrome Prompt Firefox Prompt

Behavior on desktop

By installing the desktop application, the bitcoin: protocol handler will be automatically registered in the system. In Firefox, the user will have the choice to use Suite Desktop to open bitcoin: URLs or browser if the protocol handler is also registered there. In Chrome, if the desktop application protocol handler is registered but web is not, Chrome will offer the desktop app. If both desktop and web app is registered, Chrome will open the web app without asking.

More apps with same handler (macOS)

If user has more desktop apps with same handler installed, the behavior is not defined. However, it looks like that the last installed application is launched.


The implementation adheres to the BIP29 specification (with the exception of the label and message parameters).


bitcoin:39FpPxnR1gji9LJpNDZsB1bBeZttgTtg4L?amount=0.001 bitcoin:39FpPxnR1gji9LJpNDZsB1bBeZttgTtg4L


When an app is opened using bitcoin: protocol handler, it shows a notification informing a user about stored address and an amount ready to be filled into bitcoin send form.

Bitcoin Notification Bitcoin Notification Form



GitHub #3294 GitHub #5266 GitHub #5508

Handlers manipulation


Navigate to chrome://settings/handlers and remove handlers you want.


Navigate to about:preferences#general and scroll to Applications. Find handler, click on chevron in Action column, hit Application details and remove apps you want.

Desktop app - macOS

Delete desktop app and use terminal open -a Xcode ~/Library/Preferences/ Find and delete bitcoin and other coin handlers. If it still wants to open a desktop app. Find all occurrences of Trezor and delete them, even the .dmg files in suite-desktop/build-electron.