Adding New Firmwares

In case we are about to release both Suite and firmwares we want to add the signed firmwares during the Freeze so QA has the whole thing to test.

Add firmwares

  1. Complete the firmware release process including firmware signing.
  2. Add firmwares to webwallet-data and modify its releases.json file. See e.g. a1831647 for an example.
  3. Deploy them to This is currently done manually and should be automated.
  4. Modify releases.json in Connect. See 5350f7ee for example.

Publish Connect to NPM and bump in Suite

  1. Publish Connect as beta. See Connect: Updating NPM to beta on how to do that.
  2. Bump Connect in Suite. See connect/

Freeze & Release

  1. Freeze Suite. At this moment you are all good to Freeze and forward to QA. They should be able to test Suite in its wholeness along with the new firmwares. [1]
  2. If QA gives a go-ahead we release.
  3. Publish Connect to production.
    1. To, see Connect: Updating NPM to production.
    2. To NPM, see this.

[1] Note that at this moment you have a -beta version of Connect bundled in Suite. This however does not pose any problem. We simply release Suite with this -beta version and publish Connect production version later.