@trezor/connect-popup is end-to-end tested together with @trezor/connect-explorer using playwright test runner.

Playwright + NixOS

Before the first run or occasionally after the update of npm dependencies you will be asked to run playwright install command:

Error: browserType.launch: Executable doesn't exist at .cache/ms-playwright/chromium-[revision]/chrome-linux/chrome

Please run the following command to download new browsers:
npx playwright install

Playwright requires specific revisions defined in node_modules/playwright-core/browsers.json. Unfortunately downloaded browsers are not compatible with NixOS.

Link your system browser instead of downloading:

FILE=path-from-the-error && mkdir -p "${FILE%/*}" && touch "$FILE" && ./nixos-fix-binaries.sh


Fixtures are located in packages/connect-popup

Test results

Checkout latest screenshots