Trezor Connect



Install library as npm module:

npm install @trezor/connect


yarn add @trezor/connect


import TrezorConnect from '@trezor/connect';

Web based environments

Install library as npm module:

npm install @trezor/connect-web


yarn add @trezor/connect-web

Or include library as inline script:

<script src=""></script>


import TrezorConnect from '@trezor/connect-web';


var TrezorConnect = window.TrezorConnect;

How to use

Initialize in project

    lazyLoad: true, // this param will prevent iframe injection until TrezorConnect.method will be called
    manifest: {
        email: '[email protected]',
        appUrl: '',

Trezor Connect Manifest requires that you, as a Trezor Connect integrator, share your e-mail and application url with us. This provides us with the ability to reach you in case of any required maintenance. This subscription is mandatory. Trezor Connect raises an error that reads "Manifest not set" if manifest is not provided. It can be either set via manifest method or passed as a param in init method.

    email: 'dev[email protected]',
    appUrl: '',

If you need more customization, refer to init method documentation

API methods

Handling events

How it works in browser based environments

After implementing Trezor Connect, a small file containing a declaration of methods is downloaded. Once the Trezor Connect method is used, the connection to the external webpage is established and the Trezor Connect library is going to be downloaded and injected as an invisible iframe into your application. Trezor Connect is open source, therefore it is provable that it is not saving any information about the device or account. Trezor Bridge has whitelisted domains set to "*" and "localhost" and it is ignoring messages coming from other domains. This ensures that Connect is not providing any data without the user's consent. Trezor Connect works as a tunnel for messages sent from your application to Trezor device via transport layer (Trezor Bridge/WebUSB).

Note With the newest Trezor Connect API, the iframe element ensures that the communication after authentification with PIN and/or Passphrase persists until

  • application is closed or reloaded
  • device is unplugged or used in another application
  • ten minutes of being idle

The advantages are that the session carries on, it is not necessary to re-enter your PIN and/or Passphrase and, furthermore, it is sending events to application when the device is connected, disconnected or used in another window (application). This feature makes it easier to use the Trezor device with applications.