Videos in Suite

Videos in Suite can be encoded in .mp4 container however we can also use WebM format which have benefits of smaller data footprint, better color accuracy and they also support transparency.

The designers should always provide .mov file with appropriate quality, pixel dimensions and a alpha channel (if e.g. transparent background is needed).

The following process is tested on MacOS:


Install encoder

brew install ffmpeg

WebM - currently supported by Chrome/Firefox

ffmpeg -i -pix_fmt yuva420p -an encoded_file.webm

Encode videos using desktop application


Example usage

Encoded video files can be then saved to suite-data and linked using resolveStaticPath() function.

<video loop autoPlay muted>
    <source src={resolveStaticPath(`videos/onboarding/encoded_file.webm`)} type="video/webm" />


How to make HEVC, H265 and VP9 videos with an alpha channel for the web

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