Click Tests

This set of tests is intended for cases where USB communication must be decoupled from the input stream. They are mainly based on sending simulated clicks and reading screen contents. Unlike device tests that use the client fixture, click tests generally use the device_handler fixture. TODO fixture documentation, the important point is that device_handler runs trezorlib calls in the background and leaves the main thread free to interact with the device from the user's perspective.

Running the full test suite

Note: You need Poetry, as mentioned in the core's documentation section.

In the trezor-firmware checkout, in the root of the monorepo, install the environment:

poetry install

Switch to a shell inside the environment:

poetry shell

If you want to test against the emulator, run it in a separate terminal:


Now you can run the test suite with pytest from the root directory:

pytest tests/click_tests

Click test recorder

The repository now includes a tool for automatically generating testcases from user interaction. The resulting test cases must still be tweaked manually, but they can provide a solid starting point for a complex interaction pattern.

Caveat: The testcase recorder is in alpha-stage, both in terms of functionality and code quality. Your mileage may vary.

Run the tool with:

python tests/click_tests/

The tool accepts the same arguments as trezorctl. For example, to record yourself getting an address, use:

python tests/click_tests/ btc get-address -n m/44h/0h/0h/0/0 -d

Instead of clicking buttons on the emulator, type commands in the terminal that ran the tool. A list of possible button clicks will be shown in your terminal. These will be sent to the emulator over debuglink.

(Note that if a particular click does not react through the tool, there is a good chance that it won't work in the testcase either. Please file an issue.)

After the session is over (when you type stop), the tool will collect all layout changes and output a testcase in pytest format. Copy-paste that into your test file and tweak as appropriate.