Generated files

Certain files in the repository are auto-generated from other sources, but the generated content is stored in Git. The command make gen_check, run from CI, ensures that the generated content matches its sources. The command make gen regenerates all relevant files.

In general, generated files are not compatible between branches. After rebasing or merging a different branch, you should immediately run make gen and make sure the result is committed.

Do not fix merge conflicts in generated files. Instead, run make gen and commit the result.

The following is a (possibly incomplete) list of files regenerated by make gen:

  • core/mocks/generated: mock Python stubs for C modules (modtrezor*). Generated from special comments in embed/extmod/modtrezor*.
  •,, and in their respective subdirectories of core/src/apps. In general, any file matching *.py.mako has a corresponding *.py file generated from the Mako template. These files are based on coin data from common/defs.
  • Protobuf class definitions in core/src/trezor/messages and python/src/trezorlib/messages. Generated from common/protob/*.proto.