Weird stuff, notes and issues

Things to do in future

Bridge in electron

  • package.json > "build": { "asar": false } required
  • How to get bridge version?
  • Test windows

Debugging Electron build

  • macOS: Run /path/to/app/ --debug
  • Decompile: npx asar extract packages/suite-desktop/build-electron/mac/ ./decompiled

Remove IndexedDB from desktop

To remove a database remove following folder:






/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/@trezor/suite-desktop/IndexedDB

Clearing Electron cache

To clear electron cache delete following folder:








React-native tsconfig regex:

copy block from top level tsconfig.json find: ./packages/suite/src/(.*)" replace: ./src/$1", "../../packages/suite/src/$1"

Debugging suite-web on android

Server needs to be running on https in order to have access to navigator.usb functionality

  • Generate localhost certificate: yarn workspace @trezor/suite-web cert

  • Run https server: yarn workspace @trezor/suite-web dev:https

  • Find your ip: ifconfig | grep "inet "

  • Connect phone (dev mode) to computer

  • Access suite using IP (it needs to be in the same network as your computer)

  • Open debugger: chrome://inspect/#devices

How to release - staging

git checkout releases


Landing page release

  1. yarn workspace @trezor/landing-page build
  2. cd packages/landing-page
  3. ./scripts/ stage beta

Suite web release

  1. assetPrefix=/wallet yarn workspace @trezor/suite-web build
  2. cd packages/suite-web
  3. cd build/static
  4. mkdir desktop
  5. copy desktop apps into the folder (Trezor Suite.(zip, AppImage, exe)).

Image of Yaktocat

  1. ./scripts/ stage beta (from the packages/suite-web folder )

Upload source maps to Sentry

  1. sentry-cli releases -o satoshilabs -p trezor-suite files <COMMIT> upload-sourcemaps ./build