Both web and desktop Suite applications collect anonymous data about how a user interacts with them. Analytics is not mandatory and not all users have it enabled, as it can be opt-out during the onboarding process or later in the settings in the general tab. However, by default, it is enabled in the onboarding process and if the user does not opt-out, the application starts to track his interactions immediately after the onboarding process is completed.

Anonymous data:

Collected data have to be anonymous. This means that Suite should never track any data leaking information about a device or a user.

  • device id
  • public keys
  • transaction id
  • ... any other fingerprinting

Tracking process

Data about interactions are transferred in GET HTTP requests encoded in URI.

Data from production builds (codesign branch) are sent to:

  • Desktop build:
  • Web build:

Data from development builds are sent to:

  • Desktop build:
  • Web build:

Data from localhost are not currently tracked anywhere.

List of available configured endpoints:    /desktop   /staging     .log    /desktop   /beta        .log    /desktop   /develop     .log    /desktop   /stable      .log    /web       /staging     .log    /web       /beta        .log    /web       /develop     .log    /web       /stable      .log

Example URI:

Which tracks:

  c_v: '1.11',
  c_type: 'transport-type',
  c_commit: '4d09d88476dab2e6b2fbfb833b749e9ac62251c2',
  c_instance_id: 'qlT0xL2XKV',
  c_session_id: 'FZjilOYQic',
  c_timestamp: 1624893047903,
  type: 'bridge',
  version: '2.0.30'

Attributes which are always tracked:

  • c_v: version of analytics
  • c_type: type of tracked event
  • c_commit: current revision of app
  • c_instance_id: until user does not wipe storage, the id is still same
  • c_session_id: id changed on every launch of app
  • c_timestamp: time in ms when event is created

Other attributes are connected to a specific type of events.

Specific events can be found in analyticsActions.ts file and also in company Notion where implemented events with expected attributes and other notes related to analytics can be found.

Add/Modify event

In case a new event has to be added or an old one has to be modified, please follow the following subsections.

What to track

Navigation between pages is not required to be tracked as it is tracked automatically by router/location-change event. However, a case when it is good to track it is when a user can get to the same location using different methods (e.g. two different buttons on the same page). All other user actions without sensitive info can be tracked. If you are in doubt, please contact our analyst.

Type declaration

All events and their properties should be declared in AnalyticsEvent type in analyticsActions.ts file.

Reporting in code

To report an event, use useAnalytics hook in your component and use its report method.{
    type: 'event',
    payload: {
        attribute: attributeValue,


version variable in analyticsActions.ts file should be bumped (applies only if it has not yet been bumped in the current version of the app). Please follow simple semver versioning in format <breaking-change>.<analytics-extended>. Breaking change should bump major version. Any other change bumps minor version.


Add a record of change to Changelog section in this file. Please use a format of previous records.


Add event to the analytics overview in the company Notion

How does analytics work?

  1. User with enabled analytics interacts with the application
  2. Events are sent to specific endpoints
  3. Collected data are parsed and analysed (can be seen in Keboola)
  4. Charts and metrics are created (in Tableau)
  5. We know how to improve the application

How to check that events are tracked?

  1. Option: Open DevTools, navigate to Network tab, filter traffic by .log and check the Query String Parameters section
  2. Option: Get access to Keboola
  3. Option: Create a modified build of app with an analytics server URL pointing to your server
  4. Option: Edit NAT to resolve requests to to your local server




  • device-update-firmware
    • toFwVersion and toBtcOnly made optional as we don't know them when installing custom firmware


  • guide/tooltip-link/navigation
    • id: string



  • c_timestamp: number (time of created in ms sent with every event)
  • menu/settings/dropdown
    • option: 'guide' (+ old ones)
  • menu/guide
  • guide/feedback/navigation
    • type: 'overview' | 'bug' | 'suggestion'
  • guide/feedback/submit
    • type: 'bug' | 'suggestion'
  • guide/header/navigation
    • type: 'back' | 'close' | 'category'
    • id?: string
  • guide/report
    • type: 'overview' | 'bug' | 'suggestion'
  • guide/node/navigation
    • type: 'category' | 'page'
    • id: string



  • initial-run-completed
    • newDevice
    • usedDevice



  • use stable.log for codesign builds and develop.log otherwise
  • suite-ready is now also tracked on initial run


  • suite-ready
    • platformLanguages: string
  • device-connect
    • language: string
    • model: string
  • settings/device/goto/background
    • custom: boolean
  • settings/device/background
    • image: string | undefined (gallery image)
    • format: string | undefined (custom image)
    • size: number | undefined (custom image)
    • resolutionWidth: number | undefined (custom image)
    • resolutionHeight: number | undefined (custom image)
  • add-token
    • token: string
  • transaction-created
    • action: 'sent' | 'copied' | 'downloaded' | 'replace'
    • symbol: string
    • tokens: string
    • outputsCount: number
    • broadcast: boolean
    • bitcoinRbf: boolean
    • bitcoinLockTime: boolean
    • ethereumData: boolean
    • rippleDestinationTag: boolean
    • ethereumNonce: boolean
    • selectedFee: string
  • menu/notifications/toggle
    • value: boolean
  • menu/settings/toggle
    • value: boolean
  • menu/settings/dropdown
    • option: 'all' | 'general' | 'device' | 'coins'
  • menu/goto/tor
  • accounts/empty-account/receive


  • device-update-firmware
    • toBtcOnly
  • accounts/empty-account/buy
    • symbol (lowercase instead of uppercase)



  • settings/device/update-auto-lock
    • value: string
  • suite-ready
    • browserName: string
    • browserVersion: string
    • osName: string
    • osVersion: string
    • windowWidth: number
    • windowHeight: number


  • suite-ready
    • suiteVersion
    • c_instance_id
    • c_session_id
  • device-update-firmware
    • fromFwVersion (changed separator to dots from commas)
    • fromBlVersion (changed separator to dots from commas)
  • analytics/dispose


  • menu/goto/exchange-index


  • desktop build is now tracked to stable.log instead of beta.log



  • send-raw-transaction
    • networkSymbol: string
  • device-connect
    • totalDevices: number



  • suite-ready
    • suiteVersion: string | ""
  • device-connect
    • isBitcoinOnly: boolean
  • desktop-init
    • desktopOSVersion: string | "" (in format: {platform}_{release})
  • accounts/empty-account/buy
    • symbol: string
  • account-create
    • tokensCount: number
  • transaction-created
    • action: 'sent' | 'copied' | 'downloaded'
    • symbol: string
    • broadcast: boolean
    • outputsCount: number
    • bitcoinRbf: boolean
    • bitcoinLockTime: boolean
    • ethereumData: boolean
    • tokenSent: boolean
  • add-token
    • networkSymbol: string
    • addedNth: number



  • suite-ready
    • theme (dark mode)
  • wallet/created
    • type: standard | hidden
  • device-disconnect



  • suite-ready
    • rememberedStandardWallets
    • rememberedHiddenWallets
  • analytics/enable
  • analytics/dispose
  • check-seed/error
  • check-seed/success



  • device-connect
    • backup_type
  • router/location-change
    • prevRouterUrl
    • nextRouterUrl



  • suite-ready
    • tor



  • device-update-firmware:
    • toFwVersion
  • suite-ready
    • platformLanguage
    • platform
  • device-connect:
    • totalInstances


  • initial version