Suite Analytics

This package is intended to be used only by Suite in web (or in desktop app renderer) environment.

Specific events can be found in src/types/events.ts and also in company Notion where implemented events with expected attributes and other notes related to analytics can be found.

## Tracking

Data from production builds (codesign branch) should be sent to:

  • Desktop build:
  • Web build:

Data from development builds should be sent to:

  • Desktop build:
  • Web build:

Add/Modify event

In case a new event has to be added or an old one has to be modified, please follow the following subsections.

What to track

Navigation between pages is not required to be tracked as it is tracked automatically by router/location-change event. However, a case when it is good to track it is when a user can get to the same location using different methods (e.g. two different buttons on the same page). All other user actions without sensitive info can be tracked. If you are in doubt, please contact our analyst.

Type declaration

All events and their properties should be declared in src/types/events.ts.

Reporting in code

To report an event, import analytics from this package and initialize analytics (as soon as app starts).

import { analytics } from '@trezor/suite-analytics';

analytics.init(enabled, {
    callbacks: {
        onEnable: () => ...,
        onDisable: () => ...,

After that, you can use report method anywhere in your project scope.

import { analytics } from '@trezor/suite-analytics';{
    type: 'event',
    payload: {
        attribute: attributeValue,


Package version should be bumped if changes are made to suite-analytics (applies only if it has not yet been bumped in the current release). Package version is logged along with other analytics and might be necessary when processing the data. For analytics we use <breaking-change>.<analytics-extended>. Because package.json allows only semver versioning <major>.<minor>.<patch>, we keep major version equal to 0 and we omit it when sending to analytics (0.<breaking-change>.<analytics-extended>). Breaking change should bump minor version. Any other change bumps patch version.


Add a record of change to Please use a format of previous records.

Company table

Add event to the analytics overview in the Company Notion.

How to check that events are tracked?

  1. Option: Open DevTools, navigate to Network tab, filter traffic by .log and check the Query String Parameters section
  2. Option: Get access to Keboola via access form (link in company Notion)
  3. Option: Create a modified build of app with an analytics server URL pointing to your server