This is a generic analytics package. To use analytics in a specific environment, please use one of the following packages or create a new one inspired by existing ones.

Keep in mind that global fetch and URLSearchParams methods must be available. Node and React Native use polyfills as a substitute.

Tracking process

Data about interactions are transferred in GET HTTPS requests encoded in URI.

List of available configured endpoints:

https://data.trezor.io    /suite    /log    /desktop   /develop     .log
https://data.trezor.io    /suite    /log    /desktop   /stable      .log
https://data.trezor.io    /suite    /log    /web       /develop     .log
https://data.trezor.io    /suite    /log    /web       /stable      .log

Example URI:


Which tracks:

  c_v: '1.18',
  c_type: 'transport-type',
  c_commit: '4d09d88476dab2e6b2fbfb833b749e9ac62251c2',
  c_instance_id: 'qlT0xL2XKV',
  c_session_id: 'FZjilOYQic',
  c_timestamp: 1624893047903,
  type: 'bridge',
  version: '2.0.30'

Attributes which are always tracked:

  • c_v: version of analytics
  • c_type: type of tracked event
  • c_commit: current revision of app
  • c_instance_id: until user wipes storage, the ID does not change
  • c_session_id: ID changing on every launch of app
  • c_timestamp: time in ms when event is created (added in 1.11)

Other attributes are connected to a specific event type.